>Ins and Outs

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>Ol’ Slick Willy the Video Game! Clinton that is…

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The French seem to have hit the nail on the head with this video. Bill Clinton will always be remembered… as a President… with needs…


>Super Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS ….and a few beers.

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Its Super Street Fighter 4 in 3D. Its a winning combo on the 3DS with many options to explore and battles to be fought.
Button mashing will get you throught the easier difficulty settings, but will leave you behind if you choose to play against most online opponents. The touch pad makes good use of 4 moves,: 2 special attacks and 2 super combos. Kinda felt a lil lazy at first, but when I started incorporating them into my own move list I could see the potential.


A few more rounds of liquid gold, then some more fighting… back to the brew….. changed fighters.. explored some options.. got lost in the figures section for spot pass… beer me!… kept on fighting and lastly…


If you have a 3DS, you have this game. A solid launch title and adds to the Street Fighter experience in a few ways. Don’t forget to activate street pass! What a great feeling it is to have to beat an opponent just by walking by them!

>E.T. Melodies

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>Moving like Bernie Dance Battle

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>Chima Ferguson

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> Photo credit: Cody Green

Couple years ago I was snooping around youtube looking at random skate videos. I came across a video of a skater I knew nothing about. I just found the video really funny.

Years later Im working at a post office type place and a couple people with mail boxes would subscribe to Skateboard Magazine and Transworld. One day as im putting peoples mail away, on the cover of one of the magazines I noticed his name was on it. He wasnt on the cover but his name was still on it. I thought it was pretty fucken cool that this dude kept at it and now look at em.

Whoever edited the video did a pretty cool job. Almost every time he lands a trick its sync’d up to the snare being hit in the music.

>Macaque in Space!

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Macaque in Space!