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>Downtown LA Parking Lot

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>For those of you who are partying at the Mayan, The Belasco, Crash Mansion or anywhere near the area this is a legit spot to park.  Just last week a pal and I parked at this lot for pregame and had no problems whatsoever.

It literally took us about 2-3 minutes to walk to the Belasco.

1006 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

$4 Parking

There was an incident were security escorted a homeless man off the lot which was a first that I can remember a security protecting his designated lot.

When the time to take a piss came I walked around to pick a spot (random car usually) but the same security guard offered to open the lock to a nearby blue Porta-potty.


>Sony MDR-7506

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>I’ve had this particular set of headphones for about 9 years now and it is the best fucking pair of headphones I have ever used.  Yes, I’m sure they’re better headphones out there but for $90 you’re wasting your money if you buy something else.

Mixing, editing, DJing, loaning, dropping, storing, creating and best of all recording music over the years has worn out the Ear Pads.  Fortunately, Sony offers replacement pads.

Here is my 4-step picture process of the Replacement Pads on the Sony MDR-7506.

Here is link where I bought the Replacement Pads through Amazon: CLICK HERE! (The-G-Spot)

>Ins and Outs

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>Mexican Pointy Boots

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>Drink ’til you puke and then drink that.

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Free Beer somewhere in the world.. but not here.

Watch this video while your here.

You ain’t nobody ’til you drink your own vomit.

Would you be down if a nun looking like this came onto to you?

>BARCADE Saturday 11/08/08

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This should be a lot of fun…..
Good Djs
Classic Arcades
3 Birthday girls
No list No bullshit