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>Face Raiders on 3DS keeps me entertained with a six pack!

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Face Raiders!! It comes pre-installed with the Nintendo 3DS. An intro level game that helps you get familiar with the new technology. It uses the environment around you as the in background setting of the game. So don’t try playing this on the toilet!

The face doesn’t have to be human. In fact I only have two human faces collected so far. My dog (Jack Daniels) and a variety of objects have become the focus for me. My Goomba becomes my new target:

The simple pleasures of gaming are what this game is all about. Aim and shoot! Now with 3D technology, your pivoting your body and turning around in place to kill the hoard of faces! Here’s just two:

Blasting faces has a certain entertainment value that I love. The interaction isn’t limited to just gameplay. The option to view the expressions of each face is available. Check out the option:

So many faces, so little time. I’ve also noticed that everytime I play, I open up another opening sequence video with all of the faces I’ve collected. Check out a few that I’ve opened up:

Don’t forget to look around the room and use photos of friends, objects, characters, animals or whatever you find. It’s panda time!


>Wii 2 will be here in 2012

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Wii for me Wii for you! So if you just got a Wii and it was so cheap… I hate to tell you, a price break of $50.00 is commin’ real soon and the whole console will be obsolete sometime in 2012. Check out the summary!

>What if it was on the NES first?

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I’d like to think of the NES as the best system ever because of all that it has given to us during its lifetime and the new life that has been blown into it today. With the said, what if a few of the classics arrived a little earlier than expected? Would we have more of that game or would it have made it in the market at all? Click on the pic and read what I thought about a few games I picked.

>NES Jaws Remix

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The game was based on the 4th Jaws movie. I had way too much fun putting the two together with a few effects… enjoy!

>The PowerGlove

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I never got my hands in one of these. A friend had one but never let me play…sucks
Clip taken from The Wizard. Fred Savage from the Wonder Years and Jenny Lewis from Rilo Kiley.

Here’s a commercial they used to run on tv for it