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>VEGAN CHOW: fake out: Hostess Cupcake

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So, I hate to bake. So that means that when I am craving a whole cake to my self I will, (A) Not go buy one, because vegan cakes are expensive, duh, and (B) Not make a cake or cupcake from scratch. So when I noticed my craving for a Hostess Cupcake wasn’t going anywhere, I had to get creative. Thankfully there are accidental vegan products out there that made my job a whole lot easier. I recruited the help from a box of Pillsbury Dark Chocolate cake mix, added some depth by replacing the water with strong coffee, and replaced the eggs* and oil with plain coconut milk yogurt (eggs) and applesauce (vegetable oil). For the filling and squiggle, I used, Suzzanes Ricemallow Fluff, a vegan marshmallow fluff, available at whole foods. Last but not least, it all topped off with a yummy chocolate ganache! That’s not too complicated is it? So make these, and share them with your friends at the next Furries meeting. Enjoy!

*If you don’t have coconut yogurt, don’t panic, ½ a mashed up banana equals 1 egg
*1/3 cup of apple sauce = ½ oil, so you kinda have to guesstimate, or just use oil

You will need:

-Pillsbury Moist Supreme Cake mix: Dark Chocolate
-24 cupcake paper cups
-1 1/4 Cups of strong coffee
-bout 1/6c. Of apple sauce or 1/3c of vegetable oil
-3/4c of coconut milk yogurt or soy yogurt OR 1 ½ mashed bananas

For the ganache (you may need to double up, may):

-4oz (bout 1/2c) of vegan semi sweet chocolate, may be purchased at Trader Joes or whole foods
-1/3c of almond, soy, rice, or flax milk
-2tbs of agave syrup or pure maple syrup

For the Filling and Squiggle
– 1 container of Suzannes Ricemallow Fluff

Preheat your oven to350f, and basically follow the instructions on the cake mix box given for cupcakes, substituting the water for the coffee, the apple sauce for the oil, and the yogurt or bananas for the eggs, and bake. While the cupcakes are baking make your ganache. In a microwave able bowl, place the chocolate chips, milk, and agave syrup, and microwave for about a minute, until chocolate melts. The ganache will look watery, that’s normal.

Once the cupcakes have cooled take a decorators piping bag with a tip already inserted and fill it with the Ricemallow. Take your pinky and poke a hole down the middle of the cupcake and fill it with the Ricemallow. If you don’t have pinkys use your friends pinky, and if you don’t have a piping bag and tip, you can use a ziplock bag with a bit of one of the corners cut off and you TRY to get that Ricemallow in there. Now its time for the ganache. Take your cupcake and dip it into the ganache, rotating the cupcake so its covered evenly. Place them in your fridge or in front of a fan to let the ganache set. With the same fluff in the bag, use it to make the squiggles on the top, its not the most attractive squiggle you will get, but if your in to that kinda deal you try your hand at making royal icing, im not. And that’s it!!
Makes 24 Cupcakes ❤


>Crazy Religious Chick

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>The Cyclotrope

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created by Tim Wheatley

The cyclotrope is a cycle of 18 images that is spun at a certan speed so that the frame rate of the camera filming it gives the illusion of animation.

>Thunderbolt Technology

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>Idiot/Dumbass/Ignorant/Intolerant American

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UPDATE: Alexandra Wallace apologizes after receiving DEATH THREATS. NO SHIT DUMB ASS BROAD!!!

She also gets to reschedule her Final Exams to ensure her safety (FUCKEN RIDICULOUS).

Read more here:

I’m pretty sure this video will be taken down for violation/terms but I will try to repost to maintain this video.

You need to go to school to get an education, not just a fancy piece of paper.

>David Lynch on iPhone

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This also applies with music. Seeing your favorite band perform you’re favorite album/song(s) LIVE is a complete different feeling. Worth every fucken penny.