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>James Brown

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One of the Greatest Dancers.

Showing you the moves

Doing it Live.

The Highlight is around the :30 second mark. He dances his way off stage. DAMN

Explaining the feeling

You might be saying what about Michael Jackson?…….Where do you think he got the moves from.

Al Sharpton doing the James Brown


>In the end there will be HOUSE

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>Theres something about House music that has always had me captivated by its type of sound. Maybe its the warm sound with a groovy bass line and a fat beat..then when a sax comes in, shit gets bonkers. The dancing that comes with it is pretty fucken insane. Theres always the cheesy cliché “house is a feeling” or “Its a spritual thing” but then again it kinda is. You can also say that about any type of music in general if your really into it.

here is a video with audio to put an image in your head and sound in your ear.

Sucky thing about this is that the video ends early…
The dope part is the music keeps going