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>Downtown LA Parking Lot

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>For those of you who are partying at the Mayan, The Belasco, Crash Mansion or anywhere near the area this is a legit spot to park.  Just last week a pal and I parked at this lot for pregame and had no problems whatsoever.

It literally took us about 2-3 minutes to walk to the Belasco.

1006 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

$4 Parking

There was an incident were security escorted a homeless man off the lot which was a first that I can remember a security protecting his designated lot.

When the time to take a piss came I walked around to pick a spot (random car usually) but the same security guard offered to open the lock to a nearby blue Porta-potty.


>Face Raiders on 3DS keeps me entertained with a six pack!

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Face Raiders!! It comes pre-installed with the Nintendo 3DS. An intro level game that helps you get familiar with the new technology. It uses the environment around you as the in background setting of the game. So don’t try playing this on the toilet!

The face doesn’t have to be human. In fact I only have two human faces collected so far. My dog (Jack Daniels) and a variety of objects have become the focus for me. My Goomba becomes my new target:

The simple pleasures of gaming are what this game is all about. Aim and shoot! Now with 3D technology, your pivoting your body and turning around in place to kill the hoard of faces! Here’s just two:

Blasting faces has a certain entertainment value that I love. The interaction isn’t limited to just gameplay. The option to view the expressions of each face is available. Check out the option:

So many faces, so little time. I’ve also noticed that everytime I play, I open up another opening sequence video with all of the faces I’ve collected. Check out a few that I’ve opened up:

Don’t forget to look around the room and use photos of friends, objects, characters, animals or whatever you find. It’s panda time!

>Super Street Fighter 4 for the 3DS ….and a few beers.

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Its Super Street Fighter 4 in 3D. Its a winning combo on the 3DS with many options to explore and battles to be fought.
Button mashing will get you throught the easier difficulty settings, but will leave you behind if you choose to play against most online opponents. The touch pad makes good use of 4 moves,: 2 special attacks and 2 super combos. Kinda felt a lil lazy at first, but when I started incorporating them into my own move list I could see the potential.

A few more rounds of liquid gold, then some more fighting… back to the brew….. changed fighters.. explored some options.. got lost in the figures section for spot pass… beer me!… kept on fighting and lastly…

If you have a 3DS, you have this game. A solid launch title and adds to the Street Fighter experience in a few ways. Don’t forget to activate street pass! What a great feeling it is to have to beat an opponent just by walking by them!

>That’s Life

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THAT’s LIFE from Martin Wichmann Andersen on Vimeo.

>Drink ’til you puke and then drink that.

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Free Beer somewhere in the world.. but not here.

Watch this video while your here.

You ain’t nobody ’til you drink your own vomit.

Would you be down if a nun looking like this came onto to you?

>BEWARE of The Ballpark Beer Scam!!!

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>What is the beer scam? It’s the stadium’s way to make a quick buck on beer-guzzling fans. Many places offer three sizes of draft beer: small ($6), regular ($8), and large ($10). However, the ounces are not listed, and the average concession stand worker doesn’t know how much beer they hold.

I purchased each of the beers at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and sipped the regular, which comes in a tall glass, first. Then, I poured the small beer into the regular beer and discovered that it’s almost the exact same size! Finally, I poured the large beer into the regular and found that it was bigger than the regular, but not by much. I took the glasses home and filled them with water to determine how much beer each holds.

Although there is an eight-ounce difference between the small and the large, the best bang for your buck is the small. It’s 18 ounces for $6, which is three ounces per dollar. Following this rate, for $8, you should get six more ounces of beer (to be 24 ounces) and for $10, you should get 12 more ounces of beer (to be 30 ounces). But that’s not the case! Moral of the story: if you don’t mind waiting in line, buy small beers.

You can see the full story by clicking or copy/paste the following link:

>Hemp Ale

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Went out to The Black Boar in Eagle Rock last night for a couple of drinks. If you’ve never been there Id recommend checking this spot out. Chill bar with a good selection of beers on tap and a cool jukebox with some nice jams .
1630 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Came arcoss a beer that Ive never drank before so I gave it a try.

Had a couple pints of the Hemp Ale on draft and it was pretty damn good. Dark and rich in taste. If i had to compare it to another beer it tasted similar to a Guinness beer. If your into dark beers Id suggest you try it.