>Trump Makes Sense With F Word

> Seriously, when Trump kept bringing up the Obama birth issue I thought he looked stupid, but now since the president has released his birth certificate Trump has moved on to issues that matter to him and its making a lot of sense. No current politic would be caught dead saying what Trump is now talking about in his speeches around the states. He pretty much tells it how it is and doesn’t really give a “fuck” what people think. He has not announced that he is running officially but if he keeps this up I think we are all in for a good show. I am not a republican nor a democrat but if Trump stays on these kinds of issues I think a lot of Americans will be listening with open arms… Including me…

But before he gets my full attention he will have to put his money where his mouth is. Trump and his wife currently have products made in China. It will be hard for him to keep up on this Anti-China issue unless they are willing to change their manufactures to America.


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