>Wii 2 will be here in 2012


Wii for me Wii for you! So if you just got a Wii and it was so cheap… I hate to tell you, a price break of $50.00 is commin’ real soon and the whole console will be obsolete sometime in 2012. Check out the summary!


3 Responses to “>Wii 2 will be here in 2012”

  1. >Tight job on the first graphic pic. Where you divided the dude in the ink splatters. Looks dope.The second pic. WTF. Raining money.

  2. >I can see Nintendo doing a tablet controller. It seems to be doing good for games on the iphone/ipad. Im currently playing Fifa 2011 and Dead Space on my iphone and I'm having no problem. Dead Space looks insane by the way on the iphone.

  3. >cabayza – thanks, I just wanted to make it fit the theme really… haha ya i did a lil sequence in PS.. I had to do it! I see you made one too.Flaco – It seems logical. I can see mini games, camera functions, motion sensitive, the whole thing. Dead Space is super clean! I love how everything is incorporated into the suit. It makes for a more dramatic experience. Still have to finish the first one too.

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