>What if it was on the NES first?


I’d like to think of the NES as the best system ever because of all that it has given to us during its lifetime and the new life that has been blown into it today. With the said, what if a few of the classics arrived a little earlier than expected? Would we have more of that game or would it have made it in the market at all? Click on the pic and read what I thought about a few games I picked.


4 Responses to “>What if it was on the NES first?”

  1. >Love the 8-bit art brotha… Keep it up.. btw never went camping…

  2. >thanks dude.. hey, I got the gear… all we need is a weekend!

  3. >@Mikous.. Gear as in "Flaming Dr Peppers"? I'm DOWN

  4. >Exactly! thats all you really need anyways… and a big frizbee………………………………..

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