>Paint it red!



It’s time to paint the house RED! Splatterhouse on Playstation 3 follows the core of the original three games in modern fashion.

The first three were 16-bit with a limited 2D area to move in, while the new installment in 3D with the occasional 2D environment. It definitely adds to the experience and if you haven’t played before, you will get a good idea of what everyone was playing in 1988.

The storyline and objectives have evolved a bit. Our hero, Rick, doesn’t really die. He can syphon blood from surrounding bodies and restore his own limbs if necessary. If he reaches zero, then a simple restart from the last checkpoint will occur. Berserker mode (crazy strong attacks), video cut scenes, dialogue the entire game, a survival challenge mode, Splatter Kills ( micro games to finish off your enemy), an Upgrade Selection Menu and collecting sexy photo pieces of your girlfriend each level have all become part of the Splatterhouse experience.

That’s a lot of improvement considering the game was basically a hack and slash in prior games with little to depth. It seems pretty typical of games over a decade old to show their age if not properly handled during the whole process. I did read about the game getting cut at one point, worked on, then put back in the original team’s hands. That would explain why I found a few bugs and glitches. I reset the game once during the 10th chapter because I would advance to the next gauntlet and when I crossed the threshold, the next part was MIA and he would just fall off the screen. That was the biggest problem I came across.

The soundtrack is a perfect fit for the brutal violence on screen. Lamb of God, Five Finger Death Punch and Mastadon are all part of the original score. Also, Jim Cummings voices the Terror Mask the whole game. To me personally, it’s awesome to hear the voice of many childhood characters, especially Leatherhead from TMNT, cuss up somethin’ fierce!

Graphically a sea of red. It can be overwhelming at times but it was very intentional. Objects of importance light up white, hidden erotic pictures are white and even tho Rick can get covered in blood, he mainly stays white on screen so you probably won’t loose him!

From start to finish it was approximately 8-9 hours of storyline on normal setting. I would recommend renting or borrowing it. Any collectors out there, I would give it a few months and grab it on sale. It doesn’t matter if your swinging for the fences with a baseball bat or a limb that has been violently severed from an enemy’s body, there will be blood!


3 Responses to “>Paint it red!”

  1. >nice review.. I could totally hear your voice as I read along. Not trying to hit on your or anything meng.

  2. >sweet, thats what I was going for…

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