>petition president obama to show compassion this thanksgiving!


Each year, President Obama pardons two turkeys at a White House Thanksgiving Ceremony. The pardoned turkeys are then sent to a Disney Theme Park where their good fortune quickly declines. Many of the pardoned turkeys sent to the theme park have died within just one year.

Farm Sanctuary is petitioning the White House to send the turkeys to their shelter in Watkins Glen, New York, instead of the Disney Theme Park. Farm Sanctuary President and Co-Founder Gene Baur has this to say:

“We are offering the Obama administration an opportunity to distinguish themselves from past administrations by starting a new, compassionate Thanksgiving tradition that is more in-step with Americans’ growing concern about the welfare of animals raised for food…By sending the pardoned birds to Farm Sanctuary’s renowned shelter in Watkins Glen, N.Y., the Obama Administration can show that it cares about the humane treatment of animals, and ensure that the turkeys get the expert care they need to thrive.”

Please help Farm Sanctuary to petition the White House! The petition, information about Thanksgiving’s toll on turkeys, and resources for a compassionate holiday can be found at adoptaturkey.org.


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