>The Prodigy

>Just got this through my email. New Prodigy Album Info.
¡¡Ay Guey, CALIENTE!!

Visit http://www.theprodigy.com for more infourmayshawn

“To celebrate the imminent arrival of the new album ‘Invaders Must Die’ The Prodigy are giving away an edit of the eponymous single exclusively on theprodigy.com. Zane Lowe will play the edit Invaders Must Die as his ‘Hottest Record In The World’ at 19.30 on Radio 1, this Wed 26th Nov. Log onto theprodigy.com immediately after to download the track which will be available for the following 7 days.

You can watch the ‘Invaders Must Die’ video on theprodigy.com from 12 noon on Fri Wed 28th.

There will also be a free High Definition video download available from 12pm on Friday Nov 28th. This will feature on the X Box Live Channel until Dec 5th as part of the Xbox ‘Xtival campaign’. For more details on Xtival please visit http://www.xbox.com/xtival08″


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